Build Quality In

Quality software comes from quality people. Poor quality software must therefor come from poor quality people. To improve the quality of our software, we remove the things that create defects.

Work in Small Batches

Too many releases are hard to report and manage. To reduce the number of updates to the release tracking spreadsheet, we produce a small quantity of releases per month. This provides us with more time to Amplify Feedback.

Amplify Feedback

Coaching employees is an important daily practice to ensure they know we are tracking their work and care about their output.

Everyone is Responsible

Each person is responsible for their individual work and should be rewarded for the work they do. If a feature is successfully delivered, we should identify the Coder who made the most changes and give them a bonus. It would be unfair to reward the whole team based on the excellence of an individual.

Psychological Safety

We know the Tribunal can be a stressful time when we need to remove Coders. We will use automated systems for “Human Resources as a Service” to automatically help Coders find new opportunities outside our company so we can avoid confrontation.

Systems Thinking

A system will produce exactly what is designed to produce – W. Edward Demming

The Scaled Agile DevOps Maturity Framework is built upon systems theory. There are two systems that operate within the SADMF System. The System of Authority (SOA) and the System of Service (SOS). Both Systems are accountable to the Admiral’s Transformation Office (ATO).

  • System of Authority: The SOA is the team of teams accountable for implanting SADMF in your organization. The SOA is staffed by contractors and consultants with a diverse point of view. These principled practitioners will focus on implementing the orders of the ATO, and will focus on updating plans, collecting metrics, assessing, and becoming a trusted advisor for the teams so the advisor can report out the ground level truth to leadership during the tribunal.
  • System of Service: The SOS is the team of teams accountable to achieving deadlines and shipping code. The SOS will look to the chain of command for servant leadership to ensure self-governance and instruct the Feature Teams on their day-to-day work. The SOS is empowered to deliver on time and on budget predictably.
  • Admirals Transformation Office: The ATO is the heartbeat of the transformation, it is the command-and-control center for ensure everyone is achieving the goals of SADMF. It is accountable for the 5-8 transformation roadmap, assessments, metrics, certification renewals, and general project management of the transformation. The ATO is servant lead by the Admiral, who commands all direction, innovation, and methodology implemented at scale.

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