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Scaled Agile DevOps Practitioner #


SAD Practitioners have demonstrated they understand the basic value of The One Framework and promise to deliver that value.

Scaled Agile DevOps Fellow #


SAD Fellows have demonstrated they are as valuable as at least four practitioners.

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Moving beyond the basics for truly SAD outcomes!

Scaled Agile Dev Ops Accredited Facilitators #

SAD AF Cert Accredited Facilitators have all of the certified credentials to convince executives to pay their consulting fees. They have demonstrated the ability to apply Scaled Agile DevOps Principles and Practices and have documented that their outcomes meet or exceed expectations. They are also skilled at preparing reports that show consistent improvement from week to week.

The key to being SAD AF is to have a deep pizza budget and a keen understanding of how to frame progress.

SAD AF certifications cannot be purchased. They are applied for by submitting experience reports of applying Scaled Agile DevOps Maturity Framework in your daily life!

Send submissions to scaledagiledevops@gmail.com

DevOps Engineers Proving Real Experience Solving SAD Engineering Dilemmas #

This certification is reserved for Feature Teams who have demonstrated the ability to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Preparing for this requires the Feature Team to reserve a sprint to study for the certification. The certification requires renewal every 8 weeks lest the team lose the ability to be a truly DEPRESSED Feature Team