Scaled Agile DevOps Maturity Framework
Enterprise transformation without the risk of culture change!
Making enterprises feel better about DevOps transformation since 2021

Making enterprises feel better about DevOps transformation since 2021

Testimonials #

Real-world feedback from those who’ve been impacted by Scaled Agile DevOps!

“Thank you for making the world a better place by coming up with Scaled Agile DevOps!” – Joep Piscaer

Watch this amazing training video presented by a senior Accredited Facilitator!

Why another scaling framework? #

We know that transforming into a DevOps organization is hard. Many people will tell you there will be fundamental changes required in how everything in your organization works. At Scaled Agile DevOps, we believe there is another way.

Using our exclusive Maturity Framework, you can become a DevOps organization in less than 6 months with no disruption to your organizational structure and minimal training investment.

Benefits of the Framework #

  • No need for investing in training teams beyond a few additional daily ceremonies.
  • A clear, simple, manageable DevOps Release Convoy™ that customers can be assured used DevOps.
  • Fully compatible with sending requirements to external development teams.
  • Easy to plan 1, 2, or even 3 years’ worth of detailed deliveries.

Getting Started #

We suggest using the Certified Really Agile Practitioner training as a method of learning the fundamentals you will need to be certified in SADMF.

Is This For Real? #

If you are working this way, it’s VERY real.