Continuous Isolation / Continuous Deliberation /Eventual Delivery is the most effective way to ensure that we have the highest levels of process adherence, real-world manual testing, supporting documentation, executive sponsorship, and perfection for every change!

Conflict Arbitration

When the Source Management Team has received all candidate changes for merging, they will merge all changes into the conflict branch and referee the conflicts. This ensures only the strongest changes survive!

Fractal-based Development

Below is a simplified version of the recommended branching pattern with permanent branches for Testing, Conflict Resolution, and Development. Each feature branch will exist for the duration of feature coding. All feature branches will branch from the clean develop branch. When notified, the Source Management Team (SMT) will merge to the conflict branch for the Conflict Arbitration process. Once the strongest changes are merged, SMT will notify the Quality Authority who will pull the changes into the test branch for certification. Once the code has been certified, it is authorized for the next Release Convoy to set sail! This is the most effective branching pattern to enable Continuous Isolation.

Fractal-based Development

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