Complex systems require complex practices to reduce the complexity!


Continuous Isolation / Continuous Deliberation / Eventual Delivery is the most effective way to ensure that we have the highest levels of process adherence, real-world manual testing, supporting documentation, executive sponsorship, and perfection for every change!

Conflict Arbitration #

When the Source Management Team has received all candidate changes, they merge all changes into the Conflict branch and referee the conflicts. This ensures only the strongest change survives!

DevOps Process Excellence Assessment #

This weekly assessment of every person in the organization is designed to report how mature the organization is at applying the framework. This facilitates ranking everyone on a bell curve to better inform the Tribunal. The assessment is performed using a self-reported survey plus a test to gauge how much of the material has been memorized.

Fractal-based Development #

This branching pattern is required to meet the goals of the framework. Great insights into effective delivery can be gained from studying the structure.

Fractal-based Development

Precise Forecasting and Tracking #

All estimations must be converted back and forth between story points and person days to ensure Feature Completion Ratio can be traced on team and management level. This conversion also enables comparison of teams and makes dashboarding a breeze.

Release Tracking #

We need the correct information to ensure Everyone is Responsible. To that end, we need to track every release, who approved the release, and who made the changes in the release. This allows us to Build Quality In.